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Castle Country Cars



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415 East Main, Castle Dale, (435) 381-2025

Kurt Williams stands among the vehicles of all shapes, makes and models.

Castle Country Cars in Castle Dale has been two years in the making. Kurt Williams and Justin Bergeman, joined forces to sell cars. Now that the car lot is becoming established, they are having a grand opening in March. Watch for the sales price in the window of the car. The ad in the Emery County Progress will be lower than the posted price. If you take in the ad, you will get the lower price.

Kurt Williams displays one of the many vehicles found on the lot.

Over the past two years, Williams and Bergeman have been remodeling a 100 year old house in Castle Dale as an office for the business. They first had to remove part of the old building and rebuild it to suit their needs. After a little gravel was laid down to park cars on, the pair had a car lot.
They extend their appreciation to those who came in and looked and bought a car during this time. It has kept them going. They now have a new sign out front to easily identify them. With no paid employees and low overhead, its the price, price, price that sells cars. So come on in and give them a try.

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