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Bruce and Christine Olson speak at the Stake Valentine’s Dinner.

The Castle Dale Stake’s Valentine Dinner featured Bruce L. Olson, Director of Public Relations and Press Secretary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and the First Presidency.
Among other church assignments he has been a bishop and stake president twice.
Bruce Olson was born and raised in Orangeville and once lived in the home where Mattie Payton now lives.
Bruce and his wife Christine both attended the Valentine Dinner.
Several residents, such as Dennis, Tuttle, Zinnia Humphrey and Murleen Bean remembered Bruce Olson growing up in Orangeville.
Murleen Bean, who had attended school with Bruce Olson, introduced him to about 300 people in the Castle Dale Stake Chapel.
Zinnia Humphrey presented Bruce with a letter he had written in 1961 to her husband, Bishop Dee Humphrey.The letter was written from the mission field by Bruce Olson.
Dennis Tuttle remembered sharing an apartment, with Bruce Olson, at Carbon College after Dennis had returned from his mission.
Bruce told of his experience of being the director of publicity for the Church during the seven years leading up to and including the Winter Olympics in Utah.
Bruce Olson has been instrumental in designing the 30 second commercials shown on television by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Bruce using a video projector showed the audience several television clips of commercials made for the church.
One commercial, that many in attendance will not soon forget is about a little girl asking her father several times throughout the day, if he would read to her. The father was always too busy. Finally late at night after the father is asleep the little girl comes into the room and asks the father if he will read to her.
He being tired and sleepy, says, “Ask your mother.”The little girl, said to the mother, ” Is it OK if daddy reads to me?” The mother said “Yes.” Daddy woke up and started reading.

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