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Green River City Holds Public Hearings


Green River City Council met to hear comments from the public during two public hearings and to discuss regular agenda items. Both public hearings concerned budget matters. The first was the adoption of the tentative 2003-04 budget and the second involved opening the 2002-03 budget for changes.
During the first public hearing, Councilman Tom Burr made some corrections to the museum funds. Mayor Glen Dale Johnson read a letter to the citizens of Green River stating that the 2003-04 budget is basically the same as the 2002-03 budget. He stated that if the property tax increase is adopted, revenue to the city could increase as much as $75,000,
In the second public hearing, the 2002-03 budget was opened and reviewed. The departments with budget deficits were noted and the departments with surpluses were also noted. The approval was given to the mayor and City Recorder Conae Black to make the adjustments necessary to balance the budget.
At the conclusion of the public hearings, the council moved into the regular city council meeting. Cheryl Searle was first on the agenda with a request to renew the lease of the medical center property for the Utah Parks and Recreation. The lease agreement was reviewed by the council and Mayor Johnson made two wording changes and the lease agreement was accepted.
Other business addressed by the council was the adoption of LeGrand Johnson as the contractor and low bid for the improvement work at the airport. The council also approved the renaming of Medical Drive to Sandbagger Avenue.
Councilman Arden Sherrill moved to reopen the item concerning the Green River Community Bible Church. He moved to give the church a second hookup with no impact fees. After some investigation, it was determined that the need by the church would require only the normal charge for a regular hookup.
Mayor Johnson requested that Carol Ekker and Joni Pace organize a volunteer appreciation party. The two will set the date and menu. Johnson said that with the hundreds of hours that volunteers give to the city, some recognition and appreciation is warranted.
Mayor Johnson signed the proclamation declaring Aug. 16-21 as Green River Health Center Week to coincide with Gov. Mike Leavitt’s designation of Utah Health Center Week. There will be a celebration planned to commemorate this event.

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