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Keep the Lid on It

By PAUL YOUNG St. George

Dear Editor,
Apparently the movers and shakers of Emery County never learn. In the June 17 issue of the Emery County Progress was an article titled, Plans for the Green River Missile Site. All pertinent information was covered in the article. The various possibilities of conversion that the missile site could be converted to.
When the Emery County Progress hits the Environmental Issue Coordinator’s desk of the Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance in Salt Lake City, he will head out the door headed straight for the site. He will be looking for any Forbes or vegetation, be it a different blade of grass having a different color or any other plant or vegetation that he can manipulate as an endangered specie. He will be looking for a bug or an insect or any other type of crawlifant he can manipulate to be called an endangered specie. He will then develop the area around the specie which he can be very expansive in claiming the acreage of land the specie will need and yes he will take the missile site right out of the county commissioners hand.
They have declared 66,000 acres at Fort Hood, Texas for the golden cheek warbler. At Camp Pendleton they have locked away 125,000 acres for the California gnat catcher.
California’s San Bernardino County was just about ready to build a new hospital. That was until environmental staffed fish and wildlife discovered the endangered flower loving Delhi Sands fly on the site. The county had to spend $4.5 million to move the hospital 250 feet and had to divert funds from its medical mission to pay for mandated Delhi Sands fly study.
We too, here in the United States have our own missile of mass destruction. The Endangered Specie Act being enforced by the extreme radical environmental factions.
The people of Emery County should all write their congress people in Washington, D.C. demanding they take action and recall and recede the Endangered Specie Act.
Commissioners if you have any other land deals you intend to promote, keep the lid on it until you get it in the bucket.

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