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Drop Dead Gorgeous Huntington Canyon 5k and 10k Run



By JOAN TAYLOR Coordinator

Suzzanne and Jeff Cutler push their two young sons along for the scenic ride.

Arne Hultquist had pulled into Huntington Canyon after jumping into his Black Bomb vehicle and nailing down a two hour and 10 minute drive from Salt Lake to one of his favorite Utah mountain runs, the Drop Dead Gorgeous Huntington Canyon 5 and 10K.
It happens that Hultquist prefers the longer, even more scenic descent, but, regardless of his preference, he knew that right after the run he didn’t have time to pick up the replica Utah Raptor claw that would be his trophy for winning the race in 43:54 because he had to be in Provo in an hour for a baseball game.
Still, for a hotshot runner in the 45 to 49 year-old division, Hultquist is a man among men and one place he loves to run – witness his baseball schedule and how he manages to find time for Emery County – is the Drop Dead Gorgeous.
Hultquist was followed by Erik Gulbranson, from Gustavus Adolphus College in Minnesota (who was on a geology field seminar and who, upon seeing the Raptor claw, admitted that he wished he had run harder to beat Hultquist and get the claw). Gulbranson crossed the finish line in 44:19. Then came forest supervisor, Bill Broadbear with 44:33; Edward Gutierrez, 56:01; and Edward Varley, 56:28.
For the women, Molly Windham of Salt Lake, won in 57:18. She was followed by Suzzanne Cutler in 1:06:49.
Jeff Cutler won the 35 to 39 age group race in 1:06:49 and Mike Janko won the 55 to 59 age division in 1:10:07.
In the 5K run, Dale Woodbury cruised to a victory in 20:43 followed by Steve Barton, 22:37; David Capulbo of Price, 27:17; and Dan Dorff, another Minnesotan, 31:23.
Women’s top finishers were Kelly Broadbear, 28:00; Linda Capalbo, 34:51; and Julie Maxon, 42:04.

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