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Letter to the Editor: Who’s Side are They On?

By PAUL L. YOUNG St. George

Dear Editor,
Recently I received a single page folded letter from FSEEE, Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics, asking me to call my senators asking them to oppose the Healthy Forest Restoration Act. I hope thos believers of the Multiple Use Program read that letter very carefully then pick up the phone and call their Washington congressman asking them “TO” support H.R. 1904 supporting the Healthy Forest Restoration Act.
The Forest Service Employees for Environmental Ethics stands with the Sierra Club, Southern Utah Willderness Alliance, Utah Environmental Congress, Grand Canyon Trust and other extreme environmental groups working here in Utah, surrounding and using the same pot.
If you fail to grasp this meaning, they sleep in the same bed, or they sit at the same talbe, break bread and dip sop with each other. When you receive a letter from FSEEE, know and understand who sent it and who’s side they are on. It’s not yours.

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