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Bridgewater Visits County




Dixie Swasey, county recorder attends meeting with Tim Bridgewater at right.

On Feb. 18, Second Congressional Candidate Tim Bridgewater met with county republican leaders at Critter Country Fixins. Bridgewater was meeting with potential state conference delegates to introduce himself and ask for their support.
Bridgewater began with a little background information. He was originally from Salt Lake and now lives in Draper. He owns and runs his own company, Interlink Management Corporation, which is in South Jordan. His company helps smaller companies with management issues.
“I know what issues are important to rural people. I have family in Kamas and Wayne County. Jim Matheson is a decent guy, but has been ineffective for the concerns of rural Utahns. Control of local issues should be with the local people,” said Bridgewater.
Emery County Commissioner Drew Sitterud asked Bridgewater about his feelings on the Downwinders issue. Sitterud explained a line has been drawn to exclude Emery County residents from the compensation for those effected by the testing. “Someone, somewhere decided that no one was effected north of Wayne County,” said Sitterud.
“That is an issue that needs to be fought and I’ll fight that fight,” Bridgewater said.
Bridgewater went on to explain that he has been involved in political issues from the time of his graduation from Brigham Young University. He worked for the Ronald Reagan campaign and he works closely with people in all levels of the present administration. “I can bring a practical business approach to the job of congressman. I have a good campaign team and we will run a positive, issues oriented campaign.”
Sitterud asked Bridgewater where he stood on the RS-2477 issue. “I feel that this is a local issue and that those decisions concerning the roads need to be left to local people. All issues, including roads, education and heath care decisions should be made on the local level. I think it’s great when government can trust local people to make their own decisions. I will absolutely support the county commissioners,” said Bridgewater.
“Rural Utah needs recreation and environmentalists are trying to tie things up. Local people can govern this area better than outsiders.”
“We need to begin with a dialogue on the issues. Then I’ll get in there and roll up my shirt sleeves and help out and we should win the battles,” stated Bridgewater. “I joined this political race because I think one person can make a difference and effect change. I’ll make change, a positive change for Utah. I will represent you with Republican idealogy and values in Washington, DC.”

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