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Emery County Piano Teacher’s Association Piano Festival



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These students participate at the College of Eastern Utah.

The Emery County Piano Teachers Association held its annual Piano Festival recently at the College of Eastern Utah. A morning and an afternoon session was held. The students were critiqued in the following areas: Performance, theory, ear training, sight-reading, and technique. A winner and two runners-up were chosen in each grade level of performance.
Those selected in the morning session in the kindergarten-third grade division were: Drexler Tanner, winner; Katelyn Nicholson and Tina Lacock, runners-up.
In the fourth-sixth grade division, Tiffany Tuttle was the winner with Ben Toomer and Joey Stream as runners-up.
In the seventh-ninth grade division, Shalae Cox took first and runners-up were Tayler Tanner and Vickie Rudman.
In the tenth-twelfth grade division the winner was Brandon Singleton with runners-up Jessica Tuttle and Leslie Fuller.
There were also Technique awards given to Ben Toomer, Austin Bell, and Jessica Tuttle for the morning session.
The afternoon session for the kindergarten-third grade division, Logan Tuttle took first, with Hailee Rogers and Cassidy Luke as runners-up.
In the fourth-sixth grade division, Derek Tuttle was the winner with Nikki Rogers and Katelyn Johnson as runners up.
In the seventh-ninth grade division Megan Singleton was the winner and runners-up were Alex Johnson and Chantelle Benson.
In the 10-12 grade division Shari Tuttle was the winner with Nicole Sanders and Laurel Lemon as runners-up.
Technique awards for the afternoon sessions were given out to Tiffany Moss, Adrienne Carter and Nikki Rogers.

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