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Nail Emporium Honored as New Business of the Year



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Mike Hurdsman honors Becky Bunnell with the New Business of the Year award.

The Nail Emporium was chosen as the new business of the year by the Emery County Chamber of Commerce. Business owner, Becky Bunnell was recently honored at the chamber of commerce banquet. Bunnell opened her business on July 8, 2003 at 43 South Main in Huntington.
Mike Hurdsman presented the award to Bunnell, he said opening a new business requires a great deal of time, effort, challenge and risk. He applauded the Nail Emporium for contributing to the community. He said it had been Becky’s dream to own her own business and contribute to the community. Becky has hired several employees and also high school girls to work as tanning techs. She has put a lot of effort into remodeling an old home and transforming it into a salon. Hurdsman complimented Becky’s husband Tom for being a big support to Becky.
The Nail Emporium is a full service salon which offers hair styling and cuts, tanning, pedicures, massages, spa body treatments, sugaring, ear piercing, hair and nail supplies, body gels, bath salts and Ashman Candles.
Laura Mitchell works at the salon as a nail technician. Aretha Sherman, Katie Barton, Malinda Bell are hair stylists at the salon. Amber Rhodes is a licensed massage therapist and works Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Amber also does body wraps and body treatments. Tanning technicians are Shandee Potter, Tatum Richetti and Morgan Miller and tanning is offered from 8 a.m. – 9 p.m.
Bunnell said, “We will have a facial and waxing room available in a couple of weeks. We are taking our staff to a hair and nail convention in Las Vegas where we will receive training in all of the latest styles, aesthetics and procedures. We will also attend business classes. We are really excited about this training so we can offer our customers enhanced services.”
Bunnell also offers jewelery and gifts for sale at the salon. Walk-in customers are accommodated at Nail Emporium and you can also call for appointments. Bunnell has 10 years experience as a nail technician, she said the motto at Nail Emporium is “Pampering is our Passion.”

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