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Elmo Discusses Source Protection


Mayor Daryl Wilcox opened the meeting with a discussion concerning employees medical insurance. There have been several events occur that resulted in the termination of the employee’s insurance and at the present time, Elmo is paying the employee’s medical bills. The discussion involved alternatives for the employees in securing insurance. The council approved to have a solid solution to this situation by the next council meeting.
Jeff Adams, of the Association of Governments, was present to discuss the Natural Hazard Pre-disaster Mitigation Plan set forth by the AOG. The Federal Emergency Management Agency suggested that all local government agencies prepare a plan to soften the effects of natural disasters.
Adams said that in the past, the federal government has financed the clean up following disasters, and then several years later were in the position to finance the rebuilding again after another disaster. FEMA suggests each community analyze the possible disasters by looking by at the history of its area. With planning and forward looking construction and building standards, some disaster damage could be eliminated.
Adams and the AOG have put together an instruction book that helps each community look into and develop a plan for handling all types of possible disasters. Disaster cleanup funding may depend on whether or not each community accepts this regional draft plan.
Mayor Wilcox informed the council that the county GIS department will soon be in Elmo to begin work on the addressing project. Many roads in the county have the same name, and many homes have the same addresses. Emery County has undertaken the project to clarify and rectify the problems posed to emergency workers and other agencies by the discrepancies in addresses. He presented a map that identifies all the homes in the town and stressed the need for someone to go over this map and make corrections prior to the GIS department coming in to Elmo.
Elmo Town has received a grant to purchase a new computer and software to administrate the cemetery and its records. The software will organize and permanently store the history of the cemetery and help administrate its dealings in the future. Phase 1 of the grant for the construction of the fire station has also been received. The remainder of the funding will be applied for from the Permanent Community Impact Board.
Councilman Kirt Rasmussen informed the council that the Emery Recreation District has given each town in the county $250 to be used for recreation. Rasmussen suggested using the funds to run power to the batting cages. The council took the suggestion under advisement and will look into the matter.
Councilman Dennis Mortensen announced that the Castle Valley Special Service District has suggested to each town that they respond to the forest service open comment period concerning their roadless initiatives. The suggestion was made to also inform the forest service of concern over the beetle killed trees.
Mortensen said that the special service district has also suggested that each town consider an ordinance concerning source protection for the water supply in each town. Water contamination may become a problem in the future as a result of the mining activity in the area. An ordinance would protect the areas surrounding springs and other water services. The council approved to draft an ordinance and set the public hearing.

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