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Emery Shotdown by Dixie




Ashley Hansen, 22, puts up the shot.

The Emery Spartans went to the Christmas break hosting the Dixie Flyers and on this day, Dixie was simply too much. Dixie overwhelmed the Spartans with a 27-point win at 56-29.
In the first quarter neither team took advantage of their opponents lack of scoring as Dixie led 9-7 after the period. Emery played hard but there were no results in the scorebook, as both teams seemed to be feeling out their opponent. Daniel Espino had a 3-pointer and Davey Justice had a basket and two free throws for the Emery scoring.
Dixie took it to Emery in the second quarter, as the Emery offense did not produce any results. Emery lost the quarter 16-4. Emery was outscored in the second half 31-18 as they never were able to mount a challenge in this game. Justice led the Spartans with 8 points, Espino had 5 points along with Darrin Winn, Joey Bernard had 4 points and Mike Blomquist had 2 points. Emery makes a road trip north to Ben Lomond and Morgan after the break and then hosts Springville on Jan. 7, 2005.

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