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Huntington City Update

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Mayor Jackie Wilson began the Huntington City Council meeting by announcing that she had been to the Council of Governments meeting and Emery County has adopted the 1997 codes for its building permits. All cities in Emery County have already accepted this new program, with the exception of two, and Huntington is one of those two.
Mayor Wilson informed the council that Emery County Commissioner Gary Kofford is in the process of putting together the new building inspection package. The county will hire an additional inspector to assist Bryant Anderson with the demands of the building inspection department.
Councilman Mark Justice commented that Anderson’s job is very hectic and he needs the additional help. Justice said that Anderson has performed the duties of building inspector very well. The council approved to enter into the interlocal agreement with Emery County for building inspections.
Mayor Wilson appointed Councilman Norman Dingman to be the deputy treasurer for Huntington City. City Treasurer Judy Truman had attended a training at which she was told that every check that the city writes must have the treasurer’s signature. By appointing Councilman Dingman as deputy treasurer, the city will be prepared in the event that Truman is not available. Truman stated that those occasions are rare, but the city must comply with the requirements.
Councilperson Julie Jones informed the council that she had attended an economic development meeting. She learned that Ruth McCoard from the BLM is encouraging cities to look at areas surrounding their towns which could be used for ATV play areas. Cities must make their wishes known regarding designating such sites for play areas as the BLM is engaged in the draft resource management plan. Anything dealing with realty is handled by Joan Hubert of the Price Field Office and she should be contacted in regards to play areas.
The council approved to authorize Jones to do more investigation into the situation and report back to the council before a decision would be made.
Huntington City has ordered a speed sign that will be mounted on a trailer to be moved around the city. The sign is the type that will record a vehicle’s speed and display the speed for the driver to see. It is the council’s hope to make residents and others aware of the speed limits in the city and come into compliance. Mayor Wilson explained that the sign has come in, but that the sign is not the one that had been ordered. Councilman Justice assured the mayor that he would look into the situation and make the needed corrections.
Councilperson Jones announced that the Huntington Youth City Council will meet Dec. 21 at 8:15 at Huntington Elementary school for their Christmas Party. She also stated that the youth council is undertaking a three month project, beginning Jan. 1, 2005, to collect food for the food bank.
The project will be a Battle of the Towns, with all the towns competing to see which can collect the most food, clothing, blankets, and other needed items. These items will be donated to the food bank at the conclusion of the competition and Jones is hoping to get TV news coverage of the event in April.
Councilman Justice reported that the park project is nearly completed. Putting in the two asphalt strips are all that remains. This work will be done as soon as the weather permits.
The council approved the 2005 meeting schedule for the council meeting. The meetings will remain of the third Wednesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Jan. 19, 2005 is the next meeting for the Huntington City Council.

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