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Arrest made in Genwal bomb threat


An arrest has been made in the bomb threat at the Genwal Mine. A bomb threat was phoned into the Genwal Mine on Jan. 5 and mine safety manager Jim Pruitt alerted the sheriff’s office to the threat. The Emery County Sheriff’s Office responded immediately and secured the mine and the road leading to the mine. The mine and surrounding areas were evacuated. All coal trucks transporting coal from the mine were also not allowed on the property.
Emery County Sheriff Lamar Guymon said, “An arrest has been made after a vigorous investigation by Det. Sgt. Robert Blackburn and Sgt. Norm Vuksinick. In the bomb threat called into Genwal on Jan. 5, Garth Denny, 43, of Price has been arrested for allegedly making the threat. We have had a lot of cooperation in this case. Our office has worked well with Emery Telcom and their employees and the Genwal Mine and its employees. Det. Sgt. Blackburn and Sgt. Vuksinick have done an excellent job with this investigation and I praise their work and the timely manner this was accomplished. Without the help at Emery Telcom and the mine this arrest would not have been made possible.
“It should be noted that although some people think crimes of this nature are just pranks, in this day and age they are taken very seriously. This crime is very serious and has far reaching consequences. Not only because of the loss of hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue for the mining company and its employees; the potential for loss of life and injury to the mine employees was significant.
“It is of great concern to the sheriff’s office and to the mining company and we are glad to see this matter resolved. The suspect will appear in court on Feb. 1 for his initial appearance where the charges will be read. This subject is a contract employee at the mine and a hard rock miner,” said Sheriff Guymon.

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