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Castle Dale City discusses indoor arena




A preliminary drawing of the indoor arena plans.

In a concise, yet productive presentation, Castle Dale City Councilman Joel Dorsch explained the plans for an indoor equestrian center. He stated that many groups have planned to do this project and yet it does not seem to get accomplished. His hope is that Castle Dale can get the job done.
Dorsch presented the ideas for the indoor arena and passed on the requests and comments from equestrian groups. Dorsch then requested permission from the council to hold a public hearing for input on the project. The council granted permission for the hearing.
Linda Turner swore in the Castle Dale City Youth Council. Travis Bunderson, Brandt Peacock, Shawna Rogers and Josef Jeffs were present to be sworn in. Other members of the youth council who were not present are: Roseanne Meacham, Janice Greenburg, Shannon Addison, Brandi Jeffs, Jackie Greenburg and Alexis Swasey. The youth council performs in various capacities throughout the year, along with a hands on experience in the function of government in the everyday lives of the residents.
GayLee Jeffs, youth council advisor, explained that the county youth city council convention will be held at the Ferron Stake Center on April 16. At the present time, the fund raising activity will be the raffling off of half of a beef. Other prizes will be a quilt, golf package, hotel stay, and restaurant certificates. Youth city council members will go around in February selling tickets.
The service project that will be undertaken by the youth council will be a food and clothing drive, along with the regular project of making blankets for babies in Castleview Hospital. The food and clothing drive will be a competition between the youth city councils throughout the county. Boxes will be placed in the schools and businesses in the towns for donations from the general public.
Jeffs asked that the residents of the towns be generous in their donations. At the end of the competition, the food bank will be notified to pick up the food and the clothing will be donated to charities in the area. Jeffs stated their hope is to have television coverage of the event.
Other business completed by the Castle Dale City Council was the donation of $250 to the EMTs, as an expression of appreciation for their service. The money will be used toward the purchase of embroidered winter coats. These coats will be worn by the EMTs while on duty at public and school functions. There are 10 EMTs in the Castle Dale/Orangeville area. Seven of those EMTs live in Castle Dale.
The council also approved the measure for Mayor Neal Peacock to sign the memorandum of understanding with Emery County. This MOU is concerning the services of a building inspector to do the necessary work in Castle Dale. Mayor Peacock stated that the county will reserve all the income from the building permits for one year. After the first year, an evaluation will be made as to the amount that may be returned to the cities for administrative expenses.
A Castle Dale resident approached the council with a request to annex a half acre portion of property into the city. This will enable him to sell it as a building lot for the construction of a home. He was informed that the city’s annexation policy is not ready yet and the decision concerning this request will be made following the completion of the policy. Councilman Brad Giles asked the resident about another parcel of property that the resident owns. Giles explained his request for the easement to be given to the city for future road considerations. This parcel is needed by the city to comply with its plan. The resident denied the request.
The council also approved to give the Emery County Community Theatre $250. This amount will purchase advertising for the city in the community theatre’s productions.
Another concerned resident asked the council to explain the fire inspection policy. Mayor Peacock explained that to purchase a business license, a person is not required to have a fire inspection. The fire inspections are done by a state mandate by the fire departments in each community. Fire chiefs are required by state law to do inspections and help the property owner correct the problems, if any are found.
Councilman Jack Rogers announced that the Castle Dale Fire Department has been given an achievement award. More information will follow at a later date.
Mayor Peacock closed the meeting by expressing his appreciation to everyone who attended or helped with the preparations for the Christmas party. “The turnout was great and everyone deserves a big Thanks,” said Peacock.
The next meeting of the Castle Dale City Council will be Feb. 10 at 7 p.m. at the city hall building.

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