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Cocaine Bust Along I-70


Trooper Salas stopped a vehicle along I-70 for a cracked windshield and a license plate violation. When he approached the vehicle he became suspicious when an overwhelmingly strong aroma of many air fresheners alerted him that there might be a problem.
There was also a can of coffee in the vehicle, which is used to disguise odors and also to hide drugs. Trooper Salas said these tell tale signs made him suspicious and cautious. The registered car owner was one of the passengers in the vehicle and they were traveling from California to Denver.
Trooper Salas had the owner come out of the vehicle and questioned him. The subject said he had picked up one of his traveling companions in Las Vegas, but he couldn’t tell him where. He also couldn’t tell the trooper where he worked.
Trooper Salas asked for a consent to search the vehicle and permission was granted. The drug dog, Claudio, ran the vehicle and showed an interest in it. Two kilos of cocaine were found in the rear quarter panel.
The three men are currently being held in the Emery County Detention Center and had their initial appearance in court on Jan. 19. Irvin Alonso Alvarez -Castro was charged with possession and intent to distribute and will be arraigned on this charge on Feb. 1. Jesus Armando Parra-Barraza was also charged with intent to distribute a controlled substance which is a second degree felony. His arraignment is set for Feb. 1. Pedro Torres-Convarrubias was also charged with possession with intent to distribute a controlled substance and will be arraigned on Feb. 1.
The subjects were informed of their charges through an interpreter.

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