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Snowcat to the rescue



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Emery County came to the rescue of two stranded Carbon County employees.

Carbon County search and rescue member Laurie Bowman goes over a map with Emery County snowcat operator Bret Mills before they take off on a rescue mission on Jan.15. The object was to get the Carbon County snow cat out of a canyon near Star Point where it became stranded. The cat had gone up with two personnel to do some repairs on Carbon’s transmitting station but the snow was so heavy that it ran low on fuel by the time it reached the facility and didn’t have enough to get back to where it was launched. The two county employees that traveled in the unit stayed in the transmitting station overnight and then met up with search and rescue crews who brought in extra fuel. The machines were all out of the area and down to Mohrland by late Saturday afternoon. Involved in the rescue were members of the Carbon County Search and Rescue, as well as Emery County and state of Utah personnel.

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