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Traffic Stop Results in Arrests for Pcp Possession




A compartment was constructed behind the rear seat to house the four gallons of liquid PCP in 16 liter containers.

On Jan. 18 in Green River, two arrests were made for the possession of PCP. Sgt. Mitch Vetere had stopped a car on Main Street and Trooper Steve Salas had a car stopped by the west intersection coming into Green River. Trooper Salas gave the men a ticket for simple possession of marijuana. Trooper Salas ran the plates on the car that Sgt. Vetere had stopped. The women stopped by Sgt. Vetere were cited and released, but Trooper Salas asked Sgt. Vetere to locate them so he could talk to them about this other car and its three occupants.
Sgt. Vetere located the women in the parking lot of the Super 8 motel where they had checked in for the night. The woman driving the car did not have a drivers license so Sgt. Vetere told her she couldn’t drive and the other woman would have to drive, but she determined she was too tired to drive so they checked into the motel.
Trooper Salas and his drug dog came to the motel parking lot to speak to the women. A compartment was discovered between the back seat and the trunk. The back seats should have been able to fold down, but a compartment had been constructed in which 16 liters of liquid PCP had been stored. The women said they were on their way from Los Angeles to New York.
The Drug Enforcement Administration is coming to pick up one of the women. Arrested were Dyee L. Dysart, 7/14/79 and Fallon R. Richard, 9/2/82.
PCP, (phencyclidine) is marketed under a number of street names such as angel dust, super grass, killer weed, embalming fluid and rocket fuel. In the 1950s PCP was investigated as an anesthetic, but due to its severe side effects, its development for human use was discontinued. Although, sold in tablet, capsules, as well as in powder and liquid form it is commonly applied to leafy material such as parsley, mint, oregano or marijuana and smoked. PCP users can experience blackouts, rages and violent behavior. PCP distorts perceptions of sight and sound and produces feelings of detachment from the environment and self. PCP in liquid form can take on the color of apple juice. For that reason, it is frequently transported in apple juice containers by drug merchants in an effort to avoid contact with police officers. Many other illegal drugs are transported, distributed or consumed using legitimate consumer products to disguise their real purpose. Signs of use, include eye fluttering, sweating, flushed skin, drooling, numbness, blurred vision and garbled speech.
General effects: varying degrees of illusions, hallucinations, synesthesia, disorientation, impaired coordination, confusion, agitation, coma, altered state of consciousness, stupor, convulsions, and unresponsiveness, PCP decreases heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. PCP is known for violent experiences and bad trips.
The long term effects include: physical tolerance and psychological dependence and possible psychosis. Prolonged depression, anxiety, and flashbacks are attributed to PCP use.

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