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BKs Stop n Shop



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BKs Stop n Shop was opened 30 years ago by Bevan and Kent Wilson.

Kent Wilson from BKs Stop n Shop accepted the award for business of the year from Huntington. Wilson said he wanted to thank the chamber of commerce for the recognition. “This is the 30th year since BKs opened. It was the first convenience store in Carbon and Emery counties. Convenience stores have done a lot of changing over the years. BKs is the only job I’ve ever had. I’ve been hired five or six times. Two or three times I quit and two or three times, I was fired.” Wilson said he had been thinking a lot about the business climate in the county and how the county and cities should support local businesses. He said he has learned a lot about dealing with the government and the process through the opening of his new business, Emery County Sanitation.
Wilson appreciates the support of the local people and their loyalty to BKs. He appreciates the support of the county government and the opportunity BKs has to serve them.

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