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Guymon’s Machining and Fabrication



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Guymon’s Machining and Fabrication is known for its quality work.

The business of the year from Cleveland was Guymon’s Machining & Fabrication, Inc. Guymon’s started business in December of 1986 and is operated by DeMar Guymon. The company has grown from DeMar doing everything the first two years to one employee in 1989 to the present where they employ eight full-time people.
Guymon’s can build almost anything out of metal, they have a machining area equipped with lathes, mills, drill presses, surface grinders and a key seater. The welding area is fully equipped to handle all types of welding.
They have shears, punches, press brakes, plate rolls, small tube and angle rolls, saws, etc.
They have a full hydraulic repair and sales area. They can repair cylinders, pumps, motors, valves, etc.
Guymon’s Machining and Fabrication sells all types of metal for your home projects or will build to your specifications. They target mostly the coal mines and power plants, however, all types of business is welcome. If it is your farm implements or a sign for your driveway, the Guymon’s will build it.
They also carry a full line of LoveLess Ash vacuums, wet and dry vacuums, sheet rock sander, and filters.
Guymon Machining and Fabrication is located in Cleveland at 235 North Center Street.

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