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Millsite Golf Course looks to the future




A newly formed golf course improvement committee looks to the future of Millsite.

It is no surprise to anyone who lives in Emery County that the economic stability of this area is in distress. It seems the first thing to go in tough times is recreation. Millsite Golf Course in Ferron is no exception.
The City of Ferron has an oasis in the desert that too few people know about. Mayor Gil Bowden has formed a committee to investigate and research conditions at Millsite and make recommendations to overcome those hurdles and make the course a destination for golfers from around the county and the state.
The Millsite Golf Course advisory committee held its first meeting in January at Ferron City Hall. The committee members represent the diversity of the residents of Emery County. They are: Mayor Bowden, Mike McCandless, Bruce Wilson, Ryan Winn, Kathleen Truman, Scott Truman, Jo Sansevero, Ray Petersen, Jim Fauver, Randy Magnuson and Shannon Hiatt.
During the first meeting of the committee, an outline was formed identifying the areas that would require attention to improve play and conditions at the golf course. Mayor Bowden told the committee that once these identifications are made, it would be the responsibility of the committee to see that the changes are made.
A list of options was presented by Mayor Bowden. They are: to continue as in the past with no changes; apply for permits to construct another nine holes to expand the course to an 18 hole facility; turn the course over to Emery County; or sell or lease the course to a private party.
Committee member Shannon Hiatt, who is director of the Emery County Recreation District, said that the recreation district is willing to help with organization of junior, senior, and ladies associations, and also to help with funding the promotion of these events. “Building a good teen program is the key to future success,” stated Hiatt.
The committee discussed ways to promote the golf course and how to decide on, and implement, the promotions. A few of the ideas discussed were: promoting through the state parks system; sending coupons to golf shops around the state; and distributing two-for-one golf coupons to local Emery and Carbon county residents. There were many other ideas listed and all will be investigated and considered.
At the second meeting of the committee, several members suggested hole-by-hole modifications and improvements that could be completed to make the course more player friendly and more enjoyable to play. One suggestion was to improve the areas where most of the golf balls are lost. Many golfers spend a great deal of time looking for lost golf balls. This is frustrating and time consuming and detracts from the game.
As this committee moves forward, they are encouraged by the findings and willingness of nearby courses to work with the passholders of Millsite to receive discounts at those other courses. Millsite will, in return, honor the passholders from those courses with a discount to play Millsite.
Another aspect of Millsite Golf Course improvement is the restaurant. Ferron City has been approached by a couple who have relocated to this area from California. With extensive experience in the restaurant industry, they have approached Ferron City to open the restaurant. Their experience is in fine dining at well known restaurants in Hollywood, Newport Beach and on Sunset Boulevard.
Advertising campaigns and promotions will begin soon. For those who take advantage of these opportunities, Millsite Golf Course Superintendent Ryan Winn said, “The improvements that have been suggested can be implemented by the beginning of play in the spring. These improvements will make the course more player friendly and more enjoyable for everyone.”
A series of articles outlining and explaining the physical changes being made on the ground at Millsite will begin soon in the Emery County Progress.

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