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Ferron improves Mayor’s Park



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Ralph Bluemel, Jo Sansevero, and Jake Justice work to plant trees in Mayor’s Park.

Ferron City and its volunteers had a busy Arbor Day this year planting trees. During the past year Ferron has received three grants for improvements in Mayor’s Park. The first, an Eccles grant to purchase new playground equipment. The city employees, councilmen and volunteers have been busy preparing for the installation of the new equipment. The Baptist Church and Pastor Tim Lacock have also volunteered labor for the installation.
The second grant, a Community Development Block Grant, will be used to upgrade the lighting in the park. Lights will be installed in the pavilion, on the score board, and in the snack building. This grant has also purchased three new picnic tables and benches that will be installed in the near future. These tables and benches will be located around the park.
The Arbor Day Foundation gave the third grant. With the help of the ALCO store in Castle Dale, Council person Jo Sansevero was able to use the Arbor Day Foundation grant to purchase10 trees that were planted along the fence line to separate the park from the private property to the south. The new cottonless cottonwoods were planted on Arbor Day, April 29.

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