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Environmental Assessment Available for the Wedge Overlook Area in the San Rafael Swell

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Public comment period runs through June 27.
The Price Field Office of the Bureau of Land Management has proposed to enact further management actions at the Wedge Overlook in the San Rafael Swell. These actions would help conserve the pinyon pine/juniper woodland, endangered cacti, and awesome viewing experience along the rim of the Wedge. BLM proposes to upgrade the .6 mile route between the main overlook at the end of the county access road east to the observation point along the promontory viewing point. Appropriate signage at each viewing area would interpret the public’s viewing experience. The one dispersed designated campsite along the improved road would be eliminated. The rest of the presently open campsites would be demarcated by natural means to contain cross-country travel which is detrimental to the endangered cacti, other vegetation, and the viewshed. Parking would be contained in established locations, with provision for handicapped accessible parking close to the view. Picnic tables would be placed under shade. The collection of dead, downed and live timber would not be permitted; campers would have to bring in their own wood or charcoal.
A public comment period on this proposal is open from May 27 for 30 days. Copies of the Environmental Assessment can be picked up at the Price BLM office, 125 South, 600 West,Price. For further information, contact Wayne Ludington or Jaynee Levy at (435) 636-3600.

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