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European adventure




A group from Emery County tours Europe where they visit Normandy and the American Cemetery.

Earlier this summer, a group of 17 students and adults from Emery County took a tour of different areas in Europe. Their first stop was London, England. While in London, the students rode the Millennial Eye. This 450 foot tall ferris wheel gave the group a dynamic view of the city. The group also visited Buckingham Palace and witnessed the changing of the guard before touring the Tower of London and seeing the crown jewels.
The group then drove through Southern England and the town of Canterbury before taking a ferry from the White Cliffs of Dover across the English Channel to Rouen, France. Besides having the pleasure of walking on solid ground, the group enjoyed relaxing at a light show projected on the local cathedral and seeing the monument depicting where Joan of Arc was killed.
After Rouen, the group traveled to Omaha Beach in Normandy. This is one of the two beaches the Americans landed on during D-Day. The group spent their time walking on the beach and visiting the American Cemetery.
St. Malo was the next stop on the tour. This former pirate town was a great place for the tour members to buy replica swords and other souvenirs. This relaxed, small town was a welcome change from the large, busy city of London. St. Malo is also near the Catholic monastery of Mont Saint Michael. This island fortress was the model for the citadel in the Lord of the Rings movies.
The tour finally brought the group to Paris after a visit to the famous Cathedral of Chartres. In Paris the group visited the Louvre Museum, Notre Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triumph, and the Eiffel Tower. On the first night in Paris, the group visited Painters’ Square where several of the students had their portraits drawn by professional artists.
On the last night, the group had a great time visiting the Eiffel Tower.
They experienced an inspiring view of lit-up Paris as they stood at the top of the 990 foot tall tower.

Emery County students visit Europe and tour several countries.

On the way down, some of the students got lost running up and down the tower, while one student showed off his salesmanship skills by trying to get people to buy a souvenir. This fun night was a good way to say goodbye to Paris and to France.
The tours last stop was Amsterdam, Netherlands after traveling through Brussels, Belgium.
The group toured the building where Anne Frank and seven others hid from Nazi soldiers for almost two years.
Most of the students had already read the Diary of Anne Frank prior to the trip and could put into perspective the events which occurred there.
The group also got to see documentaries and different accounts (including Anne’s original diary) by people that were helping the families to hide.
Besides having an enjoyable time on this trip the group realized how blessed we are in the US.
This trip was very fun and exciting and will be remembered by all who went.
The tourists: Doug Mecham, Jackie Weihing, Lisa Ariotti, Katie Johansen, Darcy Johansen, Gina Sitterud, Shirlee Bell, Brett Mecham, Karson Jensen, Chance Ariotti, Shaydon Johansen, Kamree Campbell, Adriane Weihing, Sarah Jensen, Courtney Sitterud, Tarra Tuttle, and Malissa Bell.

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