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Kelly’s Moose



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Kelly Farnsworth shows off the moose he took in Wyoming.

Kelly Farnsworth of Orangeville drew out for a Southwestern Wyoming moose hunt. On Sept. 9, there were two bulls together to choose from. The other one was bigger, but had only single brow tines and was 27 yards away.
The one Kelly shot was 47 yards away. The moose only ran about 50 yards after being hit with a gold tip arrow with thunderhead 125 broadhead with a PSE bow.
Kelly had a lot of help in making this hunt a reality.
The Buckhorn archery club helped him hone his skills with the many practice sessions they have held this year along with 3D competitions.
The Payson Sports shop fine tuned Kelly’s bow to make sure the accuracy was at its best.
A local rancher in Wyoming allowed Kelly access to his land and even helped with the retrieval of the animal.
Todd Hinkins helped with the green score on the moose and after the 60 day waiting period for the official score, Kelly hopes the moose will make the Pope and Young club records.
Magnuson Meats took care of the meat for Kelly.
He hauled his moose home in a Geo Tracker and Farnsworth said, “It was a very exciting hunt.”

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