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Letter to the Editor: Media is irresponsible


I would like to know why the mainstream media thinks it is OK to root for the enemies of our country. I have been following the major media outlets in our country and it really infuriates me how disgusting these people are.
My main problem is this. In Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere in the world, we are fighting terrorists. That is what they are. They are not insurgents, foreign fighters, rebels or militants. They are terrorists. These animals have blown up women and children. They would gladly take anyone they consider an enemy and chop their head off while their children watched. These terrorists are the lowest form of human slime and the so-called free press of America, whose job it is to report the truth to America, is doing its very best to insulate the average American from how horrible and inhuman these terrorists are. The only place you can find the truth about these animals in on the internet.
To illustrate how disgusting these terrorists are and how irresponsible the media is. I can relate to you one recent story I found on the internet that was confirmed as factual by the military. In a city in Iraq about two weeks ago, these terrorist animals murdered a small child whose parents were friendly with the new Iraqi government. Then, these animals booby trapped the childs body and detonated the bomb in the parents’ faces when they tried to retrieve the body for burial. I saw nor heard not one report of this disgusting act on any of the major media outlets. The media does not want average Americans to know the enemy we face. All Americans must ask themselves why they are doing this. I think I know why and it sickens me. I hope we all can hold the media accountable and make them tell the truth about the enemy we face.

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