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San Rafael Research opens in Huntington



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Tracy Monosso and Karryn Birch are two of the employees at the new San Rafael Research in Huntington.

A new research and call center, San Rafael Research, held its grand opening on Sept. 20. The core of the business is providing computer aided telephone interviewing (CATI) data collection. This service provides their clients with high quality market research information through the effort of the very competent staff and through the knowledge base of their affiliate, Information Alliance, whose founding partners are Dave and Angie Olsen, Steve and Kim Larsen, and Shawndra Johnson. The service provided by San Rafael Research helps their clients understand their customers and the customer’s needs, as well as their market and business environment.
Randy Jensen, owner and supervisor at the site, stated that at the present time, the center has 43 employees, with more to come in the future as capabilities are set in place. Karryn Birch, an employee stated during the grand opening, “It is truly a blessing to have this facility here in Huntington.”
“San Rafael Research is a service company designed to provide primary research and technical support to consultants, full service market research companies, Fortune 500 companies, and government entities. Their partner, Information Alliance, has more than 50 years of combined experience in market research and call center operations. They are capitalizing on this knowledge to provide a first rate product,” said Jensen.
“Information Alliance has a global client base and has experience in several countries including the United Kingdom, Canada, Mexico, and the United States. Information Alliance has gone from a start up business in 2001 to a multi-million dollar corporations with close to 300 employees.
“They were given the Logan Chamber of Commerce entrepreneur of the year award and have been recognized for their community service and for their efforts in the research field.
“Their competitive advantage is this knowledge base.
“Another competitive advantage is the highly motivated, dependable staff. San Rafael Research is fortunate to have a staff of CATI technicians who are quick to learn the materials needed for the variety of surveys we present to them.
“They are interested in their work and perform their jobs as professionals.

San Rafael Research in Huntington boasts a new sign designed by Clifford Oviatt.

“They consistently meet or exceed the expectations and they are depended on to make the business functional.
“San Rafael Research is managed and supported by a group of experienced market research professionals.
“They provide a superior product through the strategic alliances with Information Alliance, the Utah State Smart Site program, the Department of Workforce Services, and customers.
“The Utah State Smart Site program, through the concerted efforts of Les Prall and Ed Miner, has provided equipment and counseling to San Rafael Research and to rural businesses throughout Utah.
“They are constantly supporting and promoting economic development in rural Utah and their efforts have made it possible for many rural entrepreneurs to move from the planning stage to the open the doors, start hiring employees, and begin doing business stage. They are working diligently to bring jobs to rural Utah communities,” Jensen stated.
San Rafael Research works closely with the Department of Workforce Services to provide staffing for the CATI positions.
Jensen expects that San Rafael Research will have close to 80 employees in the near future.
The interior of the newly remodeled building at 190 West 400 North in Huntington is decorated with artwork by local artist Clifford Oviatt.
Oviatt also designed the sign on the front of the building.

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