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Clawson Town makes plans


Clawson Town had a public hearing in October to discuss some ideas pertaining to the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG). Mayor Carey Bloomer said there was $36,000 set aside for Emery County before Hurricane Katrina hit. Now the county is unsure of the amount that will be received and are still waiting for the final amount.
The mayor made a few suggestions of options the money could be used for. One was enclosing the pavilion. Connie Allen agreed with the suggestion and said that was one of her ideas, also to put in restrooms there. Mayor Bloomer said the cost of restrooms is not really in their price range. Allen suggested seeing if they could find some volunteers to help and save some of the cost. Mayor Bloomer responded by saying it was a good idea but because of the kind of grant it is all work must be hired out.
A welcome park was brought up by the mayor. She said they still had $1,800 left for trees that had not been used yet, that could be used towards the park.
Another request was given by councilman Clay Gasser for an emergency preparedness system. The mayor agreed that was an excellent idea since in the case of an emergency Clawson was on their own. She asked Gasser to check into it.
Some other ideas that were given were fire protection and city signs. Which the town will be looking into. The public hearing was then adjourned and the Clawson Town Council meeting began.
After the beginning items were addressed, Ray Petersen, Emery County Public Lands director spoke. Petersen came to the council to inform them of the ordinance that has been accepted into Emery County for off-highway vehicles. Petersen said he was asked to form a committee to help designate roads throughout Emery County as open or closed to ATVs. After going over roads with the committee, commissioners and the sheriff the ordinance and map were accepted by the county. The ordinances not only designate roads as opened or closed but also redefines laws and regulations pertaining to the use of off-highway vehicles on public lands and roads. The roads that are now ruled as open are intended for the use of ATVs to reach BLM or forest service lands and is not intended for any other purpose.
Petersen went over some of the roads in Emery County that are now open. A bike trail from Clawson to Ferron was mentioned and Petersen said this is a closed road and encouraged council members to let the town know, that it should not be used by ATV riders.
Councilman Gasser brought up his concerns with legal suits being placed after accidents happen on county or town roads. He wondered if the town would be liable if this happened.
Councilman Gerry Hatch gave his council report next. He said he had recently attended a Castle Valley Special Service District meeting. At the meeting he discussed having the city limits increased for Clawson. The district has not increased any city’s limits in five years. Even though Clawson has accepted the increased limit doesn’t necessarily mean the district will approve it. Homeowners who build outside the limits are allowed to hook their sewer lines onto the towns. But at the same time will not be eligible for city benefits.
Another item of business was water shares. The town was advised to keep all their water shares. Council talked about Millsite Reservoir, saying the water from the runoff would be great from irrigation and so forth. The problem is a new dam may not be built because of regulations stating a new dam may not be built with homes below the area. The only way to receive the water is to drain it out. Millsite Reservoir’s run off could fill the reservoir three times.
Councilman Gasser announced his report from one of his meetings. He told of the grand opening of the new trap shooting range on Nov. 5. Residents will soon be able to schedule the range for different things at the recreation center.
The ball park in Clawson has all been graded and the secondary water has been put in. The council is planning to receive a new bid for a sprinkling system. Other improvements have taken place at the park and lawn will be put in next spring. The next Clawson Town Council meeting will be held on Dec. 8 at 6 p.m.

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