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County commission appoints museum board

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The Emery County commission approved the appointment of members to the Museum of the San Rafael board. Members are: Ramal Jones-four years, Clyde Thompson-two years, Kent Petersen-four years, Randy Jensen-four years-Dawnette Tuttle-four years, Clifford Oviatt-two years, Drew Sitterud-two years, Pete Jones-four years and Vicky Jensen-two years. All terms will be for four years after the initial two year terms expire.
The commissioners ratified an action taken in their previous meeting concerning a problem with the 2005 property taxes. Some of the tax notices sent out containing Green Belt properties contained an error in the assessment value. The taxes were recalculated and there were small differences from the original tax notices sent out. It was determined that sending new corrected notices would cost more than the small differences involved. The difference amounted to $672. Anyone who overpaid their tax will be credited and anything underpaid will be abated.
Two agreements between the county and the Special Service District #1 were approved. These agreements are concerning the improvements at the Huntington Airport. Chip seal was applied to protect the apron and runway and new lighting was installed. Also in order to do any further improvements an archaeological study must be completed to be in compliance with the Bureau of Land Management. Only a small portion of the airport land is owned by the county and the rest is leased from the BLM. An archaeological study must be completed on the whole area involved. Commissioner Ira Hatch said they have contacted the Montgomery Archaeological firm and they have done work for the county in the past.
Sharon Earl from the Emery County Chamber of Commerce approached the commission in regards to the Senior Citizen Christmas party. The commission agreed to keep the party combined with the Chamber of Commerce and will donate $700 to help cover the cost of the food. “It has worked out well for the county and the chamber to work as a team for the Christmas party, said Commissioner Hatch. Earl also mentioned that Zachry Construction, the company working at the Huntington power plant, also wants to contribute to the party and may have gift cards for the seniors. The party will be Dec. 7 at 6:30 p.m. at the Museum of the San Rafael.
Commissioner Hatch said they should be recognized for their donation and Commissioner Drew Sitterud said the local businesses that contribute each year also need recognition.
Sheriff Lamar Guymon explained the bullet proof vest program where the deputy covers half the cost and the county pays the other half and then the county is reimbursed for their portion with grant money. Seventeen vests are being purchased at this time.
The commission approved the agreement with the department of corrections for the drug task force.
PacifiCorp has requested a letter of support from the commission regarding the purchase of PacifiCorp by Midland America. The commission will draft such a letter and go on record in support of this purchase.
The John Wesley Powell River History Museum is applying for a grant and requested a letter of support from the commission. The commission will prepare a letter for the museum.
The commission approved a Veteran’s abatement for an Emery resident. The commission approved family leave for an employee in the recorders office and one in mosquito abatement. The commission told the departments if they needed temporary help while the workers are on leave to be sure and let them know so arrangements can be made to hire some help.
Commissioner Hatch reported the county is doing very well with risk management and receiving insurance rebates for being in compliance. The commission said the deadline for major county purchases is Dec. 6 to allow time for the paperwork to be completed by the end of the year.
Commissioner Sitterud reported they had all attended UAC and went to some informative meetings.
Sitterud reported the Castle Valley Pageant for 2006 has been moved later one week. It will run from Aug.3-5 and Aug. 8-12. The Desertview Pro Rodeo is scheduled for July 27, 28 and 29.
Commissioner Gary Kofford reported he had attended the forest service open house on their management plan. He along with Mike McCandless attended a board of directors meeting of the regional economic development board. He was concerned with several issues where the county hasn’t been supported including the Lila Canyon project. Ray Petersen attended the meeting with DOGM on the Lila Canyon coal mine. SUWA is still trying to delay the issuance of permits for the project, but John Baza from DOGM said he would make a decision soon on the matter which has dragged on for a number of years.
The next commission meeting will be held on Dec. 6 at 4 p.m.

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