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County receives money for Moore cutoff road


The Moore cut-off road has received two line items of funding for its completion in the Transportation Bill recently passed in the US Senate and Congress. Commissioner Ira Hatch said Rep. Jim Matheson has been instrumental in obtaining the funds. One funding number is $7.5 million and the other was for $8 million.
The Utah Department of Transportation has met with Emery County and outlined the process for the activation of these funds.
This funding package is $15.5 million and Emery County will receive the entire amount although there have been a lot of people trying to divert the money away from this project. The set money will go to the South Moore cut-off road project.
Johansen and Tuttle had a proposed plan in place which outlined each phase of the project and how it was to be spent to complete the project.
The second phase of the project from I-70 back along the road has been bid and work will begin there by Nielson Construction this winter. The money for Phase Two is separate money.
Two additional phases will complete the earth work and the paving will be completed in two phases. The final phase will be the intersection to the cut-off road back to SR-10.
“This is firm money and we will move ahead with the project. By next year we’ll go with the rest of the earth work. Then the asphalt will follow.
“We feel good about this and the entire road will be completed in the next few years.
“Including the county match it will take $22 or 23 million to complete the road and hopefully in the next three-five years the project will be completed,” said Commissioner Hatch.

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