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Letter to the Editor: Thoughts about Former EHS Football Coach


This is in regards to last week’s letter about former Emery High Football coach Kevin Reynolds.
I would like to share some thoughts on some of the issues the letter addressed.
First, the thought that because people complained about the coaching staff in no way demeans the belief that Mr. Reynolds “is a kind, good, and decent person.” The complaints simply signify a belief that the team had an unachieved potential. The fact that Mr. Reynolds is a good person was undoubtedly unquestioned in most cases.
Secondly, the fact that a person complains doesn’t automatically imply that person thinks he or she is a more formidable solution to the problem.
The beauty of this country is that the governed are able to voice their opinions of the governors, and when necessary, invoke change.
Next, the statement “high school football is for the kids,” is true. However, anyone believing high school football is only for the kids, in any community, is either delusional or naive. Sport, at any level, transcends the players and coaches. High school football, especially in small communities like ours, is a great source of pride for all ages.
Also, if high school football is truly “for the kids” all opinions other than those of the players should be completely disregarded. We should ask the players who they think should coach. This notion sounds preposterous to most people, but if we combine it with simply silencing every critic, we’ll surely return the game to the kids. Right?
This summer I had the opportunity to get to know some of the Emery High football players. These kids were enthusiastic about the season and felt they had a good chance to have a successful year.
Their attitudes quickly changed when the first week of practice started. They were disappointed that team members were allowed to miss practices for reasons that wouldn’t normally be allowed in any sports program.
Frustrations grew even further when the football team played basketball instead of practicing on their final day of preparation before the state playoffs.
Finally, it is unfair to put the blame for the current situation of the football program on anybody other than those who are paid to direct the program. It is not the fault of the administration, parents, fans, media or alumni. Most, if not all, want the program to be successful. Almost all of the aforementioned spend countless hours and money supporting the kids who participate in the program. These people should be praised and thanked for their support, not blamed for causing problems.
If we are to feel sorry for anyone in this situation, our pity should fall on those soon-to-be-graduate seniors who gave their all for five wins in three seasons.

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