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Cleveland Town to open ice skating rink

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Cleveland Town employees Steve Taylor and Keith Randall are installing the new ice rink in the Cleveland Park. The town purchased the rink with the latest Community Development Block Grant. The rink will be available for public use after the ice has frozen solid. If the weather is cold enough, the Cleveland Youth City Council is planning a grand opening skating party on Dec. 27, from noon-5 p.m.
Cleveland Town requires that children under 12 be accompanied by a responsible adult. The use of safety helmets and pads is also recommended. Use of the skating rink is voluntary and Cleveland Town will not be responsible for any injuries. The town would also ask that parents encourage their children to be courteous and respectful of others and to also respect the equipment so that we can use it for many years. Cleveland Town reserves the right to restrict use of the skating rink. Some hockey equipment is available such as pucks and nets at the town hall. Please call Jamie at 653-2310.

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