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Orangeville fire station nears completion




The Orangeville fire station is nearing completion. The new station is located on Main Street in Orangeville.

Orangeville City is on the brink of having a new fire station. Work is progressing rapidly on the new facility. Councilman Pat Jones gave an update on the station at the December city council meeting. He said the building is looking nice. The block cost $89,000, the roof is on and is blue in color. The doors will be here soon and will be white. Lettering has been ordered which will say Orangeville Fire Department, the letters will standout on the building. The asphalt work cost $56,000 and has been installed. “It just blows me away how much these things cost, but the city is getting a good deal. They will be starting on the interior soon,” said Jones.
Jones said space will be available for storage and metal steps will be installed to get up to the storage space which will be more sturdy and last longer than wooden steps. A metal rail will also run alongside the stairway. The electricians have been working in the building. The power poles have been set. A lot of electrical conduits were run under the cement. The cement has been poured and all sidewalks finished. All bays will be full with fire trucks and the new foam truck. When the new fire station is complete the emphasis will be on keeping the building clean. Some of the sheet rock is also up. “When we get it enclosed it will go faster, it should be complete by the end of January,” said Jones.
Along the back of the building some of the cement was damaged by rain and might need to be resurfaced. The city plans to keep landscaping at the new facility to a minimum with no shrubbery and nothing to water. Rocks and pea gravel will be placed to finish the outside of the building. Jones said they have been very careful with the money for the fire station and if any is left over it will be used for equipment. They also hope to have enough money left over to put awnings over the doors. The council also talked of having an alarm installed to use in the event of an emergency. The fire station will also contain a room which can be used for off-site storage of city records and other items. Each fire truck will have an automatic garage door opener in the truck. This will enable firemen to close the doors without leaving the vehicle which will save time in getting to the fire without having to leave the station open. Plans will also be made at a later date for an open house when the building is completed.
Dawnette Tuttle spoke during the public comment section of the meeting. She said as this was the last meeting of the year and some of the councilmembers would be returning and some would not she would like to take this opportunity to express her appreciation for the job Mayor Thayn Cox and his councilmembers have done. “I appreciate all of your years of service and the fine manner you have served. Along with many others I give a big heartfelt thank you from the community,” said Tuttle
The Orangeville youth will participate in a tree lighting on Dec. 15. The mayor expressed his appreciation to the youth council for the work they have done. They not only work in Orangeville, but throughout the county. “We appreciate what Dannette Waite has done with the youth, they are doing a fantastic job,” said Mayor Cox.
The land use authority is in need of new members and the council voted on the names who had applied for the vacancies. Dawnette Tuttle, Talma Peacock and Janet Lott were chosen with Richard Justesen as the alternate.
Orangeville City is developing a code where ordinance violations would incur civil penalties rather than criminal penalties. Councilmembers are to read through the ordinance and a public hearing will be set to receive public comments on the ordinance.
A business license was issued to City Sanitation, they take care of the dumpsters at the church and trailer courts.
The short term and medium term projects for the CIB were discussed. If a project is not on the short term list it will not be considered for funding. Projects considered are improvements to the ball complex including adding a restroom, skate park and cemetery improvements. The cemetery needs power run to it so an automatic sprinkler system can be installed. Jones said a pump will also need to be installed because there is not enough water pressure to run a sprinkler system. He said Jack Davis, has had to go and baby sit the water day and night to keep the cemetery green.
Carol Ware wondered how much room is available at the cemetery. Jones said the land they are using now should last another 50-100 years and they have another two acres which haven’t been developed. Another section also has grass planted, but has not been used. He also mentioned the graves at the cemetery are well spread out and if need be, graves can be put in between. The cemetery has been there for 110 years now.
The council set their meeting schedule for 2006. Meetings will begin at 7 p.m. And after the time changes it will begin at 7:30 p.m.
The next matter of business to be taken care of was the awarding of the garbage pickup. Two bids were received. Brock Johansen was appointed as the city attorney and he advised the council of the need for an executive session to discuss the garbage bid. The council adjourned to executive session. The meeting reconvened when the council returned. Johansen spoke about the decision. He said the bid was approved for Emery Sanitation because they are the low bidder and a local contractor who resides in the city. The company has worked well with the city in the past.
Dennis Tuttle from the land use authority in his report told of a subdivision of land that has taken place on the Ruth McCoard land. A lot was sold to an individual to bid on. According to code, the item is presented to the land use authority and then presented by them to the council for approval. The council approved the action.
Orangeville is having problems with two big pit bull dogs which have been getting out and chasing other dogs. One of the dogs has been impounded. Neighbors are scared for their dogs and children. There isn’t anything in the ordinance which talks about specific types of dogs. But, once an animal has bitten either another dog or a person it is considered a vicious dog and that dog is required to be kept in an enclosure. Pit bulls need big heavy chains to keep them in.
A dog clinic has been scheduled for Jan. 7 and Feb. 11.
In council reports Jeff Tuttle said the snowplow and sander are ready to go and that precipitation in the mountains is 115 percent of normal but the valley has yet to see major snow.
The mayor complimented the city treasurer and recorder on the Christmas decorations at city hall and the city workers for the decorations around town and how they add to the Christmas spirit.
The council determined that full time employees will receive a $100 Christmas bonus and part-time employees will receive a $50 bonus.
It was determined that Ruanne Leeflang has completed her probationary period and is eligible for a raise. The council determined a $1 per hour raise was in keeping with past practices.
Ware said this was the best city council and she appreciates working with them and they have been great and done a lot of wonderful things for the city.
The next Orangeville City council will take place on Jan. 12 at 7 p.m.

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