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Annual triathlon set for high mountain area



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The Drop Dead Gorgeous Triathlon is no more. Instead, this year it will be called the Scofield Triathlon, and will feature over 200 participants.
Triathlons are rocketing to the top of all health minded individuals’ lists. The myth and misconceptions of triathlons are a thing of the past. Not all triathlons are 10-hour grueling events. Most are approximately 1 to 3 hour sport events that are taking the fitness community by storm.
Nicole Priest, a family practice physician, has bought into triathlons so much that she has started a triathlon promotion company and will be hosting the race July 22 at the Scofield Reservoir.
Triathlons contribute to a healthier life and provide many mental and physical benefits.
“I love the training, I enjoy the new friendships and it sure beats running on the treadmill,’ says Priest. “I have become so much more active since training for the Scofield Tri, and I have more energy and more zest for life than ever before. I train three nights a week for 30 minutes and it is my favorite time of day. You feel better, you sleep better, and it motivates you to eat better”.
There are so many different events to choose from including the sprint or Olympic duathlon and triathlon. Triathlons are for everyone, for any age group and any fitness level.
The Scofield Triathlon is fun, social, and it’s a great excuse for getting into shape.
Registering for the Scofield Triathlon can be done at www.scofieldtriathlon.com. From there athletes can also link to other triathlons.
On the day of the event there will be a vendor alley that allows all participants to meet the experts and learn about equipment and training. There will also be a live band playing during and after the race.
This will be a great event for friends and family to enjoy the grandeur views that Scofield Reservoir has to offer.

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