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MBA Discusses County Projects


Emery County Commissioner Gary Kofford opened the recent municipal building authority meeting stating this was a special meeting due to the fact the next scheduled meeting would fall on July 4. As there were several business items which needed taken care of, the meeting was rescheduled.
Commissioner Kofford stated he had received a letter from Bill Engle and had also met with Engle and a representative from a woodworking company. Their bid to do the modifications in the District Court room was $4,440. Commissioner Kofford informed the MBA that Judge Steve Stream of the Justice Court had requested the same modifications.
The modifications include lowering the wings where the court recorder sits and also on the witness stand. Requests for bid had been sent out to local cabinet makers and no bids had been received, although one had responded and later stated he was not interested. Following the round of local bid requests, the bids were opened up to woodworking firms out of the area. This project has been through the bid process several times.
Commissioner Drew Sitterud stated he would like to see the bid process opened up to locals again. It was moved and approved to complete the bid process again.
Commissioner Kofford informed the MBA he had attended a preconstruction meeting with the contractor concerning the drainage project at the Museum of the San Rafael. He has signed the order to proceed. The contractor is Ernie Jensen and the project is to begin immediately.
This project will include a retaining wall, a concrete pad, installation of a lamp post, and several items of outdoor furniture. “We will also be doing some sprinkler system repairs and modifications during the time when the lawn is out,” said Commissioner Kofford. “We will need to order the furniture as soon as possible due to the fact some pieces need to be installed in the concrete. This purchase was not in the contract with Jensen, so we will need to take care of it now.” The MBA approved the ordering of the furniture.
The next item of business was to discuss the Green River Senior Center/Justice Court project. Commissioner Kofford met with a property owner and agreed to purchase this property for the project. “There are several problems with names on the title to the property, but Emery County Attornery Dave Blackwell has assured me it will be no problem and will not hold up the project,” said Commissioner Kofford.
Commissioner Kofford stated he had made a presentation and explanation of the project to the Green River City Council and all of the comments he received were favorable. It was the consensus of the council to proceed with the project. “Following my presentation, the Green River Community Center representatives presented the plans of the complex they plan to pursue. The community center stated the cost of their project is $3.5 million and requests the county to go in with them.
Commissioner Kofford informed the MBA he had been asked why the county is against the community center’s project. “I explained that the funding we have comes with a federal mandate and we cannot turn it over to someone else,” said Commissioner Kofford. “I encouraged them to come to commission meeting to make their presentation to the entire commission.”
Commissioner Ira Hatch moved to contact Dressler, the architect of the project, and instruct him to move ahead. “Tell him we want two scenarios. The first is just the senior center and parking, and the second is to combine the justice court and senior center together with parking on the existing properties that we own.” The MBA approved this action.

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