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Ferron Elementary a place for great learning




A mural has been added to the lunchroom and a new slogan adopted at the school.

With Principal Brian Dawes going into his fourth year at Ferron Elementary, there were some big changes as the students returned to school this year. Principal Dawes said that a lot of time was spent this summer determining what the main focus should be to help solve problems at the school.
He and his faculty came up with a mission statement called the Rams Charge for the school. It says, “We commit to being responsible, hardworking and caring, united in creating a safe and positive place to learn.”
Each morning the student council leads their fellow students in the pledge of allegiance, singing the national anthem and reciting the rams charge. The rams charge is recited every morning to help remind the students of what is expected of the teachers, faculty and students.
Special school procedures have been set up for different events throughout the day, for example, lining up, for recess, in the lunch room and hallways.
Principal Dawes said that they have set up a student progress intervention staffing meeting once a month. It includes the principal, special education department, the title one coordinator and teacher. They meet to discuss and to meet the needs of every student and to also meet the needs of struggling students.

The 200 Club rewards students for good behavior.

They have been aggressive in trying to reduce bullying and have focused on the behavior on the playground. An anti-bullying assembly was held at the first of the year to help with the problem. The last two years the school has purchased art work on freedom and founding documents of our country, that are placed throughout the hallways.
Faculty and staff are trying to send a positive message in the halls. Last spring they had a vote on a new name of the lunchroom, Rocky Range won the votes. Over the summer a mural was painted by Kaelynn Winn. The rest of the lunchroom was also painted and given a facelift.
Ferron Elementary has implemented a new reward system called the 200 Club for the students. Every adult around the school has blue slips. When a positive act is seen, the student is given the blue slip to be put in a drawing at the end of the day. The winners of that drawing are then asked to draw a chip that has a number on it.
A board has the numbers on it, where the students name is placed on the number. When there are 10 names in a row, those students win. The winning students then receive a prize or get to do something with the principal that day.
“The program gives us an excuse to look for good and try hard to do better. It is a good team effort through the faculty and staff. It’s going to be a good and fun year,” said Principal Dawes.

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