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Business Scene: Blooms ‘n’ Things



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Kathy VanBuren works in the greenhouse watering and tending to the plants in the Bloom Master planters. She is a distributor of the planters.

When Katherine Ross of Vernal married Arthur Kay VanBuren of Orangeville, she left her home town and moved to Emery County. “I have lived in Orangeville for 38, soon to be 39, years now, and I started Blooms ‘N’ Things hoping to bring some beauty to Orangeville and the surrounding cities,” said Kathy VanBuren.
“Vernal is becoming so well known for its Main Street beautification projects. On a trip home to visit my mom, I asked about the flowers that line the streets. I was told Rance Searle had invented and designed the Bloom Master planters that were being used, and I remembered Rance from school.
“I met with him and soon asked to become a distributor for his planters that so obviously made plants grow so well. During the winter months, I experimented with some of the planters and soon came to realize how well and how fast plants do in these planters,” said Kathy.
Kathy is a distributor for the Bloom Master planters in this area, and is working out of her home in Orangeville. She is also working out of a greenhouse at Roger Tuttle’s residence. The planters can be purchased completely planted, or if you wish, they may be purchased unplanted and you can plant whatever types of flowers you wish.
They work very well for flowers of all types, and some vegetables may be planted as well. One type of basket planting Kathy does is called a salsa basket. It contains tomato plants, pepper plants, herbs, and several flowers. Strawberries also do well in the planters.
“This is my first year and I am learning quite a lot,” said Kathy. “It is very therapeutic working with plants. It’s fun to watch them, they grow so fast due to the design of the planter.”
As for the “Things” in the name of her company, she also sells Wood Wick candles and her own special design of earrings. For more information about the planters, candles or earrings, call Kathy at 748-2154 or 749-2245.

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