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Letter to the Editor: Global Warming: can it get any more obvious?


I made a mistake…In the opinion I recently sent in to the Progress, I bashed Exxon Mobil for stifling valid scientific research (while doctoring their own) on par with the cigarette companies. While that was true of Exxon in the past, that seems to not be the case now.
Apparently even Exxon (the company with arguably the most to lose, and who has spent millions of dollars to cover up global warming research), has jumped on the global warming “hype”.
In speaking about global warming, Kenneth Cohen, VP for public affairs of Exxon, said “we know enough now � or, society knows enough now � that the risk is serious and action should be taken.”
Consequently, I agree with Exxon’s stance. We have an economy to run. We need to find solutions to problems and weigh those solutions with their effect on other problems. But we should not pretend that one of the problems doesn’t exist (global warming) or that the valid scientific research is just a passing fad because we have another problem that we need to take care of (the economy).

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