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Business Scene: Permanent make-up by Barb Petty




Barb Petty works on patron, Corey Bluemel as she applies the permanent eyeliner.

Barb Petty takes her trade pretty seriously. She is in the business of making beauty permanent.
Her patrons say, “It’s great you wake up with your makeup already on and you’re ready to go.” The permanent make-up consists of eyebrows, lip liner, full lips and eyeliner.
Different people choose different treatments.
The overall effect is pretty amazing as you always look made up. Petty has a small shop attached to her home in Emery where she works her magic.
She is also an EMT and on call much of the time. She doesn’t take patrons on days she’s on call in case she needs to rush off. Barb enjoys the small town life of Emery and the peace and quiet the town affords. She enjoys watching her patrons reactions as they see their new look.
The permanent make-up lasts for approximately five years afterwhich time it fades. Barb does touch up work also. She went to school to learn how to do the make-up and is licensed and certified. After the dye is in place Barb coats the treated skin with Vaseline. This helps seal the skin and keeps it clean. The Vaseline must be kept on constantly for one week to allow the skin to heal.
There is a scraping tool she uses to scrape the skin and work the dye into the skin. The skin is numbed with a topical solution before the scraping takes place.
The whole procedure takes a couple of hours and patrons report it’s well worth the time. Barb can be reached at 286-2215. Her shop is warm, friendly and inviting as the walls are decorated with crocheted doilies which Barb works on any time she sits down.
Barb said, “I’ve had a lot of different people have this done. I’ve had young people as well as grandmas just wanting to look their best come in.” It’s fun, it doesn’t hurt much and just gives you a little extra sparkle.

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