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Letter to the Editor: Jump rope for heart

By CASSIDIE FENTON Youth Market Director American Heart Association Utah Division

For every newborn who clings to life in spite of a heart defect�For every parent, grandparent, daughter or son taken too soon by heart disease and stroke�For the millions of Americans of all ages whose lives are instantly and profoundly changed each year by heart disease and stroke�this past school year, Emery County students, school staff and parents set an example for the entire community by helping to save lives.
As Youth Market Director for the Jump Rope For Heart and Hoops For Heart programs and on behalf of the American Heart Association, I want to send out a big appreciation to all those who contributed in making this year a great success, especially to all the school coordinators – Melissa Allred at Cleveland Elementary and Huntington Elementary and Kacie Healy at Ferron Elementary. Through their hard work and efforts, more than $4,000 was raised to fight our greatest health risks � heart disease and stroke.
The Jump Rope For Heart and Hoops For Heart programs promote the value of physical education to elementary and middle school students, while showing them they can contribute to their community’s welfare. Children also learn how a healthy lifestyle can fight the number one and number three killers of Americans – heart disease and stroke.
It is estimated that in 2007, cardiovascular diseases and stroke will cost Americans more than $431 billion in health expenditures and lost productivity. Our efforts in the Jump Rope For Heart and Hoops For Heart programs will help the American Heart Association advance groundbreaking medical research, spread lifesaving knowledge and achieve stronger, longer lives for people in countless communities across our country.
Everyone who helped make last year’s Jump Rope For Heart and Hoops For Heart programs such a rousing success, we appreciate you. Hopefully, this year will be an even bigger success. With your support, we are making progress and saving lives.

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