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Letter to the Editor: Off duty officers using vehicles

By PAUL L. YOUNG St. George

As I have traveled around to the various locations in Utah, I have always tried to purchase a daily or weekly newspaper in that area. In those locations in Utah I have read several articles referring to policemen driving the city owned police car while he was off duty.
In the recent tragic incident that took place at Trolley Square, I wonder how many more would that kid have killed had it not been for that off duty policeman who had carried his sidearm and fired at the murderer forcing him to take cover holding him there until the local police arrived and took him out.
I have seen a policeman pull up in front of a grocery store in a police car in civilian clothes and go into the store to shop. I saw one arrive at a theater with his wife and two small children in a city police car and go into the movie. I saw one arrive in a police car in civilian clothes to attend a viewing at a mortuary. I have witnessed several incidents where the man driving the police car in civilian clothes would go into a store, jewelry shop, dental clinic, etc.
Did it bother me? Not the least little bit, for I will bet you money, marbles or chalk he was carrying a fire arm. Not for just his protection but for mine as well. He would not hesitate to use it to save my life. He might be off his regular shift but he must always be prepared to respond to a call.

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