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Letter to the Editor: Rebuttal to previous letter


I am writing this in response to Mr. Wright’s response to Patsy Stoddard’s editorial. First off, I have read several of Mr. Wright’s “enlightened” leftist letters and have ignored them. On this last one however, I would like to provide Mr. Wright with a few facts.
I know how liberals hate facts because they tend to get in the way of everything they believe. The first fact is that this country was founded by men with a deep faith in God. They spelled this out many times and made sure to mention in our founding documents that our rights as Americans derived from God. Nowhere in the Constitution do the words “separation of church and state” appear.
It may interest your readers to know that the phrase “separation of church and state” was coined by a Supreme Court justice name Hugo Black. Mr. Black was a Catholic hating racist who feared the Catholic Church had too much influence in government. He was also a member of the KKK.
Mr. Black seized on an obscure letter written by Thomas Jefferson in the late 1700s and used this letter to justify a ruling that has done quite a lot of damage to our country. Without this ruling we wouldn’t have the ACLU suing every time someone said a prayer or mentioned Jesus in a public place. I also find in very interesting that the ACLU has no problem with a public university in Michigan building footbaths for Muslim students to wash in before prayer.
Another fact I would like to share with the readers and Mr. Wright, if he hasn’t already thrown his paper away, is that Mitt Romney is 100 percent correct about the terrorists we face. I hope we triple the size of Gitmo. The fact the Supreme Court ignored in bestowing Geneva Convention protection on the terrorists we hold is that they deserve none of these protections. Only uniformed soldiers fighting under the flag of a sovereign nation are entitled to Geneva Convention protections. The terrorists we hold at Gitmo do not meet this standard.
The Supreme Court overstepped its authority in this matter as they are not the branch of government that conducts war. Anyone who takes the time to study the ideology of these terrorist animals will soon learn that they are not entitled to or deserve any of the protections afforded to American citizens or legitimate soldiers.
As for Mr. Wright’s faith in our justice system dealing with these animals, I have a question for him. Do you really want to let the same justice system that couldn’t even convict O.J. Simpson of murdering his wife deal with these terrorist animals?
As for Mr. Wright’s true test of a president being how he runs the country, I think that is not the test. The true test of a president is how he deals with the really hard issues. Although I personally cannot agree with President Bush on some issues, like illegal immigration, I know he has done and continues to do a wonderful job dealing with global terrorists. History, not opinion polls, will vindicate him on this matter. President Bush is far superior as Commander in Chief than his predecessor.

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