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Orangeville council discusses a variety of issues




Kari Alton along with Peer Helpers Whitney Saupan, left, and Kirsten Thompson, center, discuss tobacco prevention education at Orangeville City Council meeting.

The Orangeville city council held their budget hearing at the June meeting. Mayor Bart Cox listed their projected budget as $410,358. He said the budget stays pretty constant each year. The public hearing was closed after a few comments were made. The council approved the resolution to adopt the general fund budget.
The Spardettes drill team came before the council requesting a donation for their drill team group. There are 17 girls on the drill team and they need help with costumes, props, new stereo equipment and other items to be ready for their competitions. They noted they were first place in region for the recently passed season. If Orangeville City can give a donation, they will be listed as a sponsor on the girls drill team shirts and also on the programs at all the sporting events.
Mayor Cox explained the policy the city is under for donations. If an organization is on the current list they can receive a donation. The drill team must be added to that list and if they remain on that list they could receive a donation upon request.
It was determined the drill team will be added to the list and eligible for a $100 donation.
Kari Alton from Four Corners Mental Health came before the council to discuss surveys concerning tobacco abuse in the county. These surveys showed the need for tobacco prevention. The state and the school district are participating in this project for tobacco prevention in local schools. The peer helpers present anti-smoking messages in the classrooms of the county schools. Students are alerted to the dangers of smoking themselves and avoiding second hand smoke. An effort is being made to get the youth city councils involved in the no smoking campaign as well. Alton explained that Lori Huntington is the peer helper coordinator. At the Family Night in September at Emery High the peer helpers will have a class on tobacco prevention.
Alton said many cities and counties are doing away with smoking in parks and public places. When people smoke in the park, it makes it difficult for the kids to enjoy themselves and most parents don’t want their kids around the smoke.
Mayor Cox said he realizes smoking is a big issue and there is a problem with smoking at the free concert at the fair. He said Orangeville currently has no policy on smoking in the park. A public hearing would need to be scheduled and held to gather input from the citizens of Orangeville to see if this is a step the citizens want the council to take. Mayor Cox said they would address the issue further at a future meeting.

Sandra Huntington enlists the help of the Orangeville City Council with Orangeville Day on July 21.

Sandra Huntington was on hand to discuss plans for the Orangeville Day celebration on July 21. Huntington enlisted the help of council members for the games in the park after the parade. Games will include: water balloon toss, candy sawdust find, pop ring toss, doughnut eating contest, fish pond and relay races. The parade is scheduled to begin at 9:30 a.m. and the Cleveland town parade is at 10:30 a.m. which will allow participants to attend both parades. Carol Stilson is the parade chairman and the kiddie parade will begin at 9 a.m. There will also be footraces and a fish pond. The foot races will begin at 10 a.m. and the games at 10:30 p.m. a tug-a-war will begin at 12:15 p.m. and water games will continue through the afternoon. There will be a pig roping and relays for the teenagers.
Discussion on the dinner was heard. There were some people disappointed last year because a lamb fry wasn’t held. Last year they served close to 300 people and ran out of food. It was determined some calls would be made to see if a lamb fry could be arranged with Food Ranch catering the rest of the dinner. They will also find out if the stake is doing a breakfast as in past years.
The council also discussed selling some property the city owns on John Henry street right behind Kip Leavitt. The renovation project for the city hall is projected to be more than the money acquired from CIB so additional funds need to be secured to finish the project. The possible sale of this lot could raise the additional money to complete the city hall project. Some lots have sold for $18,000-$20,000. The property to be sold has a basement on it. Mayor Cox said this property was acquired by the city back when the subdivision went in and five other lots there have been sold and this is the only one left. It was determined the lot be put up for bid with a minimum bid of $15,000. The lot is approximately one fourth an acre. It was then noted that the city couldn’t sell any property without the approval of their planning and zoning, (land use authority). The property for sale will be presented before the planning and zoning for their approval before the property is put out for bid. The council wants the bids to be closed before the next city council meeting in July so they can be opened at that meeting.
The bid for the city hall renovation project was awarded to Stilson Construction for $47,769. Orangeville City received $247,580 from the CIB for the city hall renovation project and the community center renovation makeover of the old fire station.
The next item presented was the 2008 CIB priority list for the Castle Valley Special Service District. Councilman James Davis said he wanted the skate park kept on the priority list as it didn’t get done last year. Mayor Cox said the CIB board is coming down for the Desertview Pro Rodeo the end of July and staying at the Castle Valley Outdoors.

Heather Madsen and Shalee Scow attend the Orangeville City council to ask for a donation for the Spardettes.

The council discussed streets that still need curb and gutter. Councilman Jeff Tuttle will get a map ready which shows the streets that haven’t been finished and they will be put on the priority list. Most of the streets are getting done, just a few are left and those have outstanding issues like electrical poles haven’t been moved and one has a big tree in the way. It was also mentioned an RV dump would be an asset to the community and the dog pound site was recommended. Possible dredging work on the canal was also listed as a project that needs to be done. Rocky Mountain Power might put in a holding pond for Joe’s Valley water. Councilman Courtney Cox mentioned that easements would be needed before any dredging work can be done.
Cindy Draper gave the youth council report saying they were going to the Castle Valley Ranch to cook breakfast for the State assessors who are meeting there. This is a fund raiser for the youth council. They are also having Friday Night movies in the park with the first one on June 22 and one on July 20 the night before Orangeville day and one in August with the date yet to be set. They will project the movies on the back of the community center. She also reported the Green River senior citizen center has a pool table they want to give away and she wondered if the city would go and get this pool table for the community center. The council agreed that would be a good idea and Draper said she would get the details.
It was reported the land use authority is having Bob Bennett the county building inspector speak to them in their next meeting to go over county codes.
The council commended their citizens on their water usage. In May they used 124 acre feet of water which is down from the 2006 total for May of 148 acre feet. Several people have been noticed watering on Sunday. Watering on Sunday is restricted.
Councilman Kevin Reynolds said several people have approached him about putting benches in the cemetery. He feels if this is done in the right way it won’t be a problem. He has had many compliments on how good the cemetery looks. A concerned citizen spoke about the benches saying the benches there now are well used. The benches would be put in at the expense of the family and would sit on a concrete pad to alleviate any problems with mowing around the benches. It was determined that rules and guidelines must be set, but council members didn’t seem to have a problem with allowing benches in the cemetery.
A youth group from Salt Lake is coming down during pageant time and staying at Millsite State Park and would like to do a service project in Orangeville while they are here. The council will identify a project for the youth to complete while they are here. One suggestion was clearing brush around the bridge and digging out nuisance trees.
Mayor Cox reported at the mayor’s meetings he attends the cities were requested to have a booth at the county fair promoting the individual cities in the county. The next Orangeville City meeting will be on July 12 at 7:30 p.m.

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