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Workshops for irrigation management to be held

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Two irrigation water management workshops will be held on May 8.
The first workshop will be held at the Utah Department of Natural Resources building, 319 North Carbonville Road, in Price, from 9 a.m.-12 noon.
The second workshop will be held at the USDA Service Center, 1120 North Des Bee Dove Road, in Castle Dale, from 5-8 p.m.
The workshops will be identical in content and are scheduled to accommodate work schedules. These are the only scheduled irrigation water management workshops for 2008.
These workshops are designed to help irrigators achieve optimum efficiency with their irrigation systems. While the workshops are intended for all agriculture producers in Carbon and Emery counties with sprinkling irrigation systems already installed and who also have USDA/NRCS irrigation contracts, any person interested in irrigation is welcome to attend.
USDA contracts require attendance at an irrigation water management workshop and also the keeping of water usage records in order to meet the contract obligations.
Topics of discussion will include: USDA Farm Bill issues; soil, water and plant management/relationships – including how to measure soil moisture and crop water needs; record keeping; on-line sources of information, helpful hints for operation and maintenance of new irrigation systems. Time will be spent in a classroom setting and in the “field”.
The workshop is sponsored and taught by: San Rafael Conservation District, Green River Conservation District, Price River Watershed Conservation District, UACD Zone 7, USU Extension Service, Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Utah Division of Water Quality.
Light refreshments will be provided.
For further information contact your local USU extension office – 636-3235, 381-2381 or the Conservation Districts at 637-0041, ext. 35, 381-2300, ext. 101 or 113.

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