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Letter to the Editor: The guilty must pay


Jose Emesto Medellin was scheduled to be executed Aug. 5 for brutally beating, torturing, raping, and finally killing two young teenage girls in Texas 15 years ago. Congress is now pending a bill to postpone the execution in order to provide time needed to consider this situation. How much more time is needed, it has been 15 years.
What ever happened to justice for the victims and their families? Age, nationality or social status is not a factor in the commission of a crime. After a fair trial and conviction why drag out punishment or execution for years – administer the death penalty.
If murderers realized that taking a life requires them forfeiting their life, there would be few on death row. If congressional or judiciary bodies remove the death penalty, they themselves are as guilty of the murder having blood on their hands. It is long past due for the guilty to pay.

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