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Letter to the Editor: Time for a county commission change


After witnessing our county commission in action at their last meeting, I realize that now is the time to make a change in our form of county government. I propose that Emery County change to a five member commission to eliminate what has gone on in this county this past year.
This could be done in several different ways, two of them are as follows:
1. Divide the county into five equal districts by population and have each district elect its own commissioner.
2. Divide the county into four equal parts by population and elect one commissioner at large.
This would give everybody in the county a more fair representative. This also would eliminate the fiasco that went on in the county government this past year, as our county government was basically in limbo.
I would also like to see Green River have its own judge.
If you agree with this, let’s have a meeting and get started.

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