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Utah House of Representatives District 70: Bevan Bastian


"Bevan Bastian"

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I am a candidate for the Utah House of Representatives district 70. Currently Dr. Bevan Bastian lives in Axtell, Utah with his wife of 23 years, Gay Bastian. They have six children.
Three most important issues:
1) The best government is local government. The States have relinquished to many of their rights and responsibilities to the federal government and not held it in check. Our Constitution states in the tenth and final amendment–of the Bill of Rights: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
2) The Federal Government does not fulfill its responsibility with respect to controlling our borders and illegal immigration. Had they enforced the law, 9-11 would not have happened–the individuals responsible were in the USA illegally. 3000 Americans would still be alive. If they enforced the law the States would not have the huge problem of illegal aliens. Why hould the government be able to pick and chose which law it will or will not obey? People claim certain solutions are not humane but what is humane about taking tax dollars from working citizens to pay for social needs of illegal aliens? What is humane about having 12 million illegal aliens in our country? What is humane about not requiring them to learn English–it keeps them from progressing in this Nation. If more immigrants are needed, they should come through legal process, become citizens, and learn English.
3) Governments’ ever increasing appetite to increase taxes on working people in order to increase the size of government and its regulations as well as redistribute money to those who do not work.
Why vote for me?
If elected I will work to:
1) Restore states rights
2) Require the federal government to enforce its immigration laws and take action against immigration officials who shirk their responsibility.
3) Repeal tax laws passed for a specific purpose if that purpose has been paid for and sponsor a bill to require all future project specific taxes to automatically rescind when payment for the project is completed.
Thank you for your consideration on Nov. 4.

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