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Huntington City plans for new road near school

By GARY ARRINGTON Staff writer

Last week at the Huntington City regularly scheduled city council meeting the topic of discussion often centered on upcoming projects and beautification projects. The night started with a lengthy discussion on purchasing the old flour mill. The flour mill is a historic treasure and could actually be still usable as a mill with some work. The current owner has offered to sell it to the city for a reasonable price. There are grants available to restore buildings such as this. The purchase price is about the same as a building lot sells for in Huntington. This would help eradicate an eyesore in town for weeds and for cutting down trespassing by party goers in town.
Courtney Justice approached the city about fixing up the ball field by Harts so that the older kids also could use it.
The bases and the mound would all need to be moved back and much work would need to be done. The city was favorable to this if all could be worked out with the teams that currently use the field.
The city will undergo a crack and seal project for the city streets for the next several weeks.
It will be necessary for all residents to remove all cars, trailers and any other object off the road so that this can be done efficiently.
Huntington City and Utah Department of Transportation are teaming up to put curb, gutter and sidewalk along the east side of Main Street between 300 South and 500 South. The city and UDOT are also adding handicap accessible corners at various spots on Main Street. Most of the work will be paid for with grant money.
Soil conditioner has been purchased and new sod will be laid at the Lions Park as weather permits. A splash pad is also waiting to be constructed.
There will be a new road constructed in town, 300 West north of 400 North will be continued to provide easier, safer and better access to the junior high school.
In conjunction with this, new sidewalks are going to be constructed around town that will aid the school children in getting to school. On blocks affected it will be necessary for homeowners to transplant any bushes, shrubs or trees that they wish to save and to make sure sprinkler systems are also moved out of the way.
The city is placing garbage and trash dumpsters just north of the hill north of the ball complex on North Loop road.
These dumpsters will be a permanent fixture to assist the citizens of Huntington with their clean up and need to throw items away.
The city cleanup will be April 15-May 15. The burn season starts in the city on March 28 and a permit is needed from the city.
The planters on Main Street will be planted around the first of May in the city.
The topic of a new fire station was discussed. The current facility is full of sentimental value to those that have been associated with the department for a long time.
The facility is inadequate to house everything the department already has let alone the new items necessary for the department to purchase and use.
Several locations were discussed and the advantages to each.

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