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Orangeville City takes care of business in recent meeting


"The sandstone monument at the Orangeville Fire Station is deteriorating due to the snow during the winter."

By PHIL FAUVER Guest Writer

Orangeville City met in their March city council meeting to discuss city business. Kameron Stilson from the governing youth council from Four Corners Mental Health appeared before the council to discuss the graduation party. He asked for a donation to the May 21 Emery High School Graduation party. They have scheduled the swimming pool in Castle Dale from 9 p.m.-1 a.m. and they want to rent a tent from Diamond Rentals about the size of that used at the county fair. They need volunteers to staff the party. They have asked the local National Guard to bring the rock climbing wall and an electric bull.
Mayor Bart Cox said the city could not donate money without a public hearing to add a money expenditure to the budget, but can volunteer to help staff the party. Mayor Cox volunteered to help for four-five hours at the party.
Ruanne Leeflang, city recorder, recounted the story of a recent youth group renting the Orangeville Community Center for a sweet 16 birthday party and how much damage this group of teenagers did to tables and walls. Some items mentioned were broken ping pong tables, holes in the walls, etc. This group will not get their deposit back. The responsible party will be contacted. When city property is destroyed it costs the taxpayers of Orangeville.
Emery County Sheriff’s Office Sgt. Tom Harrison presented the Emery County Emergency Preparedness Plan and asked if Orangeville City wanted to adopt the Emery County plan or make one of their own. If Orangeville City doesn’t have an emergency preparedness plan at the time of a disaster they would not be eligible for funding from FEMA.
Orangeville City does not have an annexation policy and will hold a public hearing to adopt a policy on April 9.
Dennis Tuttle, zoning administrator, reported that Randal Larsen the father of Wendy Larsen, and owner of her property was in compliance with Orangeville City ordinances. Because of Orangeville ordinances Wendy Larsen had to move some of her animals to other property to come into compliance. Randal Larsen will be sent a letter stating that his property is in compliance.
Animal permits were issued to Mark Tanner for 3.67 acres for three animal units and Delile Hinkins and Nanette Tanner for 1.6 acres for three animal units. These properties did not have animal rights and the city council approved allowing animal rights on these properties. The animals belong to Wendy Larsen. She moved her animals from her 9.6 acres, to comply with Orangeville City ordinances of only three animal units per property in the city.
Casey Toomer animal control officer has received some late fees and issued some citations for unlicensed dogs. Toomer said he was going to go door to door in Orangeville looking for unlicensed dogs and issue citations to people with those unlicensed dogs. A citation costs a late fee of $25 per dog in addition to the licensing fee for each unlicensed dog, and if not taken care of promptly could cost up to $250 a week per dog according to Orangeville City Ordinances.
In an interview with Wendy Larsen, she said the City of Orangeville issued her a dog grooming shop license. The Orangeville animal control officer came to her shop recently and told her that she cannot have more than two dogs in her shop or on her property at any time and that those dogs must be licensed. Some of the dogs brought to her shop come from the county and other cities. Some of the dogs for grooming do not come from a city that issues licenses. To comply with the rule she has had to ask neighbors to take care of her own dogs while grooming these dogs.
Wendy Larsen’s lawyer appeared before the Orangeville City Planning and Zoning Commission and was told, according to Wendy that to de-annex her property she will need to get a petition signed from her neighbors agreeing to the de-annexation or RR1 designation.
Councilman Jeffery Tuttle said, “the special service district is reducing the number of curb and gutter projects this year due to funding. The water treatment plant needs to be repaired and the special service district expects to get matching funds from the community impact board for the water treatment plant project. The culvert in the wash crossing State Highway 29 will be replaced and fixed so children will not be able to get into the culvert.”
A change in the Ghost Road configuration is in the planning stage. The road will be straightened by cutting away part of the hill and installing a stop sign on the Castle Dale end.
Councilman Kevin Reynolds discussed the upcoming Orangeville Days, some of the planned events at this time are as follows; a 5K marathon, an ATV poker run, Orangeville Days T-shirts will be for sale, breakfast, softball and horse shoes.
Leeflang presented the issue of renewing liability insurance. The Utah Local Governments Trust Insurance Company’s liability insurance will cost the city $10,968 a year for the next three years and then the insurance will go up 10 percent a year if the city agrees to the Trust Insurance Company’s terms now. Other insurance companies were contacted and their liability insurance was more costly.
Tom Madsen, chairman of the planning and zoning committee recommended Talma Peacock be reinstated for two more years, and Maureen Law to finish the two year term of Scott Stuart. Nick Manning is the new vice chair of planning and zoning. They were each approved by the city council.
Madsen, said “With regards to the Randal Larsen/Wendy Larsen property, the planning and zoning committee, is recommending that the property be zoned RR1 but they have not heard back from the Larsen’s.”
Planning and zoning is working on recommendations for an ordinance or code for a youth home or group home.
The Orangeville Fire Station sign is falling apart. The deterioration of the sand stone plaque in front of the vew Orangeville Fire Station was discussed in the Orangeville City Council and suggestions made for a replacement. The freezing and thawing of winter snow piled against the stone the last few winters has caused the stone to dissolve and the wind is also eroding the block of sandstone. Some of the names on the plaque are being obliterated.
The next City Council meeting will be April 9.

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