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Canyon View Night of Arts


"Pictures on display from the yearbook staff."

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Jackie Weihing is the art teacher at Canyon View Junior High. The students at the school recently hosted their annual Night of Arts. The event showcased all of the art the students have created this year. The show also spotlighted several musical and dance numbers by the students. Displays filled the school and the students from Donn Jeff’s class made the refreshments for the evening and had their sewing projects on display.
Weihing said, “Seventh graders start out learning the basics of drawing with simple lines, then they quickly progress to drawing and creating real drawings.
“The students learn about one point perspective and draw dimensional cubes. They learn about light and how it affects what is being drawn or painted. Students shade a volleyball and softball using a light source. Then students learn about color; how to mix different colors and how to paint different kinds of paintings. One of the most favorite seventh grade art project is making masks. Students really can use a great deal of creativity and are able to take artistic privileges on masks, because they can create what they want. Seventh graders also like to glass etch and make radial design bowls.
“Eighth graders continue on with they started in seventh grade. They paint more and draw more. Their art work is more detailed and complete. Eighth graders loved learning about Jackson Pollock and making their own abstract expressionistic painting by dripping paint onto their canvas which is on the floor.
“Eighth graders this year have been given a tremendous opportunity to paint a Huntington City mural for Huntington City. It is a huge project and the students are finding out how much time art really can take. Eighth graders also begin to expand their drawing abilities by creating an 18’x24′ grid drawing, which is completely shaded and in correct proportion. Ninth graders this year studied Pablo Picasso and recreated one of his famous paintings “Girl in Red Beret”. Ninth graders have had art for two years, so we are able to experiment with more mediums. Ninth graders this year made some small Mexican folk art creatures out of paper mache. They learned about print making, creating their own lino-cut print. They used clay and created a relief sculpture and their grid drawings were absolutely fabulous.
“Art is such a tremendous avenue for students to express themselves and to think outside of the box. Some students that may not like other core classes will excel in art. It is a pleasure working with the students and seeing their amazing talent come to the surface-talent they didn’t even know that they possessed. Not only is art a lot of fun, but it teaches students to problem solve, to use their own creativity and it gives them a sense of accomplishment,” said Weihing.

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