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Emery sophomore team wins the Gunnison tourney


"Gage Bell makes the catch in center assisted by Geren Payne and Quinn Montgomery."

By GARY ARRINGTON Sports writer

The Emery High baseball team has a young team composed of freshmen and sophomores that have been playing well during the season and are busy with weekend tournaments.
A week ago the team traveled to Gunnison and won the tournament with three straight victories. They defeated South Sevier 8-3 to start the tournament, and then they defeated Richfield 8-7 and then closed it out with a 7-3 win over Gunnison.
Last weekend they played and lost a game to Canyon view 8-2 and then played North Sevier to a 7-7 tie. In the North Sevier game Nick Stoddard hit a three run homerun.
Baseball is a sport where a team does well if the team has decent pitching. This team is doing well because of the quality of their young pitching staff. Braydon Bolotas and Geren Payne, freshmen from San Rafael, have been pitching well this season.
Payne pitched a complete game in getting the win over South Sevier while Bolotas pitched a complete game in getting the win over Gunnison.
Hitting well in the Gunnison tournament were Gage Bell and Nathan Mecham. Bell had seven hits in nine at bats and scored five runs. Mecham was five for seven while batting, also had two walks and scored two runs.
Playing on the team this season are Gage Bell, Nathan Mecham, Nick Stoddard, Braydon Bolotas, Kash Potter, Chance Huntington, Geren Payne, Quinn Montgomery, Jade Fielder, Jordon Lake, Jordon Cox, Tanner Ewell, Dallyn Wilson, Hunter Huntington, McCoy Allred, Bret Sorensen and Tyrel Winters.

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